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Don’t Risk a Dead Battery
When You Need Your Essential Equipment Most!

The new ACCUTIRE Bluetooth battery monitor from Measurement Ltd – MS 51 - is now in production!

This handy compact device is easy to mount and works on 12 v batteries, so is suitable for cars, motorcycles, boats, lawn equipment and mobility vehicles which use this type of battery.

Using the latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology it allows you to easily monitor the status of your battery on your Smartphone or Tablet.

The battery Monitor App is easy to install on both iOS and Android devices, and a series of easy to navigate screens gives you clear information on your phone or tablet as to the battery state of charge ( shown graphically by a three colour graph), temperature and remaining battery life. Depending on the type of phone or tablet, it is possible to receive different types of alerts when the voltage and temperature are higher or lower than your own pre-set limits, and when the remaining battery life reaches the limit you have selected.

All the information you need on the condition of your battery is at your finger tips so that you can take the action you need before it is too late and you are faced with inconvenience and delays.

The next generation of this successful model is already in development – MS 52 which will work on batteries up to 60 v and can be used on devices such as golf buggies.

Take advantage of this innovative product – contact us for further information.

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