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ACCUTIRE MS-4388 Bluetooth TPMS
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ACCUTIRE Battery Monitor
Measurement Ltd Shenzhen Headquarters

Measurement Ltd specializes in the design and manufacture of sensor products. With a global operation comprising a vertically integrated factory with state of the art automation in China and extensive Research and Development Centres in Shenzhen and Newport News Virginia, USA.


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Pressure Sensor Limited
Michelin tire gauges


Pressure Sensor Limited / Pressure-Sensor.com is now manufacturing an industrial / commercial line of standard and custom designed pressure sensors and transducers.

Sensor-based products Michelin Tire Gauges
Michelin tire gauges

Measurement Ltd is now manufacturing Michelin gauges that are available throughout the world. Please contact us for local distributor information for your area.

Park-Zone Precision Parking Device
Park-Zone Precision Parking Device

Park-Zone is an innovative precision-parking device for the garage that's easy to use and even easier to install. After a simple one-time setup, the Park-Zone uses its ultrasonic sensing mechanism to measure the distance from your car to the garage wall as you park.

AccuFit Food Scales
AccuFit Food Scales

AccuFit Food Scales provides very precise measurements, it can be easily applied to your home life.

AccuFit Food Scales

PS-100 10lb AccuPost Scale.

Accutire Digital Tire Gauge
Accutire Digital Tire Gauge

Measurement Ltd offers a line of multifunctional emergency tire pressure gauges that included 5 useful functions for Cars trucks, motorcycles, ATVs and performance cars.


Measurement Ltd's Bluetooth tpms can monitoring tire pressure of auto or trailer tires up to 40 feet distance on mobile devices via Bluetooth 4.0, Android and iOS are compatibility.

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